{How To} Funky Flip Flops

How to Make Funky Flip Flops

This project is so ridiculously easy that I have a hard time even classifying it as a ‘tutorial.’ I just wanted to share it with you in case you didn’t make these at Girls’ Camp when you were 15, like I did.

In fact it’s so easy that my 9 year old (who has very little patience for crafty things that take more than a few minutes) was able to do this, all by herself. She made the green flip flops above.

Just cut scraps of fabric (I used Carina Gardner’s Dainty Blossoms line) into strips 1 inch by 6 inches. I used from 20-30 strips for each pair of shoes, depending on the shoe size.

Then tie your scraps onto the flip flop straps – the plastic piece that goes over your feet. I used what I believe is called a square knot, you know the one? Like you’re starting to tie your shoe but you do it twice? If you have a bolder pieced fabric (like my brown polka dot scraps), tie those on evenly on each strap. That way you won’t have a bunch of bold pieces on one shoe, but not on the either. I tied the brown piece on near the toe, then about halfway down on either side of the straps, then tied on the rest of the fabric in a random fashion. With little kids’ flip flops, you have the option of tying on the straps all the way around the foot. This would be super cute. I was just too lazy to cut anymore strips.

The fabric will eventually start to fray. You can use fray check, which is iffy at best, but I actually prefer the rag look. It gets all curly and fluffy! This makes a great summer boredom buster project for your older children.

Also… it looks super cute on tiny toes. Don’t you agree?

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