Prettified Hair

I’m not one of those moms who take a lot of effort with their girls’ hair.
Sometimes, it’s just enough to know that their hair is washed.

Sometimes, it’s enough to know you thought about washing their hair.

Since we have Rebecca, my step-daughter, full-time now, I’ve decided to try a little harder with her hair. Not everyday. But once a week (or more, if she asks really nicely), I’ll get up early and do something special with her hair.

Usually it’s curled (I need a lot of practice). I’ve also done the triple barrel thing, which looks adorable in her hair.

Not the greatest picture, but you get the idea!

It’s actually  been a lot of fun for both of us. We get up *early* (like, super early) and put on a show in my room, and we both watch it as I do her hair. I’m sure soon enough the novelty of cute hair styles will wear off (for me) and we’ll go back to the little ponytail on the top of her head. For now though, we do fun stuff like this:

Isn’t that cute? I got the idea off this fabulous hair blog:
It looks super complicated but seriously it wasn’t. It was time consuming, but mostly because I was dealing with a wiggly seven year old and I’m inexperienced. I love that it holds the headband in extremely securely. In fact, Rebecca is still wearing this hairstyle and it looks great.

Oh, and Nicole assumed that since pictures were being taken, I’d want her in them. So…

And yes, they are eating pizza in these pictures.
Okay, and it was 7:45 at night at the time. But it’s Spring Break, and sometimes life just happens that way.
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