Eeek!! $2 Candy Tote Bags!


I’m so excited! Vistaprint is offering these adorable¬†Halloween tote bags for $2 each! At this price, I’m thinking I need one for me, too!

They have tons of different styles so your kids can get one that’s for “them” and you won’t have any fighting over which candy belongs to whom. Sigh… I love things that bring peace. And oh my gosh! You can even get their names on it for free. Yeah. Seriously.

You can add pictures to the back side for an additional $3.50–including your child’s picture in their Halloween costume. I’m just so happy right now! P.S. – Shipping is about $4.41 per bag but if your order is over $20, it ships free!

The above is an affiliate link but I seriously am excited about this offer! Here’s a few more affiliate links too, in case you’re in the mood to help out with keeping this blog alive and my family fed. Thanks!

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