Steal of a Deal on Tangled!

Feeling pretty good about my coupon skills today. 
I just picked up one of these babies

for a grand total of…


Oh yeah, baby!
How’d I do it? 
You wanna know? Do ya? Do ya do ya?

Okay, because I’m dying to tell you! I got a mild reaction from my husband but seriously, people! $11.70! Come on!

Target has the Tangled 4 disc combo pack (that’s Blu Ray, Blu Ray 3D, DVD, and digital copy) for $24.95. Usually Target prices their new movies low for the first few days so I wanted to scoop it up quickly. 
Disney also has a Tangled combo pack coupon for $5 off, but take note, it’s only for the 4 disc pack. 

Which brings me to $19.95. How’d I go even lower?

Target is having a couple of fun promotions this week. Their Pedigree dog food is on sale for $10.99, but don’t you worry, I used a $3 off coupon. If you buy two, you get a $5 Target gift card.
They are also having a promotion on men’s beauty products (chuckle, chuckle). If you buy 4 of select products (Degree deodorant, Dove Men+Care deodorant, Vaseline Men’s lotion, and a few other things), you get another $5 gift card. So here’s the break down of what I did:

Purchase 3 Degree Men’s Deodorant Twin Pack at $3.99 each
Purchase 1 Dove Men+Care Deodorant at $3.99 each
Use 3 of the $1/1 Degree Mens Deoderant Coupon from 3/27/11 RP
Plus use 1 of the $1.00 off of one Dove Men+Care Deoderant Coupon from the 03-27-11 RP
Pay $10.96 OOP but get $5 Target Gift Card

With me? “OOP” means “out of pocket,” by the way.

Purchase 2 of the Pedigree 20 lb. Dry Dog Food at $10.99
You pay $15.98 but you will receive a $5.00 Target Gift Card
(I knew getting a puppy would pay off one day!)

I paid for that transaction, then purchased Tangled with my two Target gift cards and paid $11.70, tax included!

In case your husband isn’t in need of a year supply of Degree deodorant, you can also spin your Target deal this way. And yes, I’m stealing this deal from Freebies 2 Deals, who stole it from Totally Target. Ah, blog love!

Possible Scenario
Purchase 1 Men’s Vaseline at $5.00
and 1 Dove Men+Care Deoderant at $3.99
and 1 Suave 2-in-1 Suave Shampoo at $2.69
and 1 Suave Styling Pomenade at $2.69
Then use the $1.00 off of two Suave Men’s Hair Care Target Coupon
Plus the $1.00 off of one Vaseline Mens Lotion Target Coupon
And the $1.00 off of one Dove Men+Care Deoderant Target Coupon

And the $1.00 off of one Vaseline Lotion Coupon from the 03-27-11 RP
And the $1.00 off of one Dove Men+Care Deoderant Coupon from the 03-27-11 RP
And the $.50 off of two Suave Mens Shampoo or Styling Product Coupon from the 03-27-11 RP
You pay $8.87 but you will receive a $5.00 Target Gift Card
Total cost $3.87 for all 4 or $.96 each! 

I should be done, but I’m not. I just found out, via Freebies 2 Deals, that you can use the Movies Reward Magic Code inside the DVD case to receive a free Tangled Charm bracelet, minus $2.99 s+h. Score!
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2 Responses to Steal of a Deal on Tangled!

  1. markl says:

    Wow you're going to be a millionaire by 35 and I am not joking. Keep up the good work. Love Dad

  2. newbiemama says:

    That is so the plan! BUUUUT probably not. If I am though, I will cut you in on the $$ that I apparently won from the lottery that I never play. A miracle!

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