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  1. Evan Mullins says:


    I’m a reader of your confessionsofaslackermom.com site and really respect the work you do in sharing the faith openly online. It looks like you reach a vast audience. I have a post suggestion/product review submission for you. I’m an LDS web developer and am looking to share the faith as well. I have pursued app development and have actually built a small handful of apps, most of which are LDS centered. I began building apps just for android, but just recently made a couple of them available on the iTunes store as well. I’ve set up a website to show off the apps as well. I wanted to get the word out a bit that these apps are out there. Specifically, there is one to learn the latter-day prophets and living apostles and another to help learn the scripture mastery verses and articles of faith and more. I think you and your readers would enjoy either of these apps. I even have some promo codes if you’d like to do a giveaway or something like that. Let me know if you would at all be interested in doing an article about any of these apps. The website is https://ldsmormonapps.com/ and you can find images, more details and links to these apps there. Please let me know if you have any questions. I’d really appreciate any feedback you’d have on either the apps or the website. Thank you sincerely.

    Evan Mullins

    PS – I am a web developer by profession, and also do web development moonlighting/freelance, so if you have any needs for your own site that are beyond your interest or skills, I’d be happy to take a look. It looks like your site may have been compromised? I am seeing a link in the header that says “order cialis usa” and some suspicious links in the footer as well… anyways.

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    • Stormy says:

      2013 e 2014 pra mim vai ter muito filme bom, mas enquanto essa época não chega dá pra se apaixonar por outros, hahaha. Fui dar uma olhadinha no meu IMDB e vi que tinham mais filmes intreessantes do que imaginava. Que bom que te fiz pensar assim também. <3

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    • Oh, and if the good professor is worried about “homosexual acts which are injurious to [the mysterious] their health” then he should be cheering loudly for lesbian sex as is is the least dangerous of all. So, Prof doesn’t know subject he’s teaching.Prof. assumes (his brand of ) Catholic ways are the only ways and everyone else is going to hell.Prof is an adjunct and can be fired for no particular reason at all.Where’s the story again?

    • Jodie, I feel privileged to be able to walk by your art room at Parliament Oak and to see what wonderful things you are doing. You are so incredibly talented and generous with your time, your creativity and ideas, and your bubbling-over enthusiasm. We are all so fortunate to have you in our midst!

    • nov02gerardo realmente esta especie de “hombre” es un pobre imbécil … pff… y sí él más que nadie sabe que tenemos memoria de 5 años por eso volvió a ser elegido con su elocuente e incoherente verborreo diempre tratando de convensernos… al ver ésto no me queda más que reirme ,,,quiero imaginarme que lo dice de broma..¬¬

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    • Didn’t know the forum rules allowed such brilliant posts.

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