Rebecca’s Quilt


I mentioned a few weeks ago I was marathon-sewing in time to get Rebecca’s quilt done for her birthday. I wanted to post pictures of it because…
well, why not?

Okay, this might be a bit of a brag post. But it’s my blog, and I’m entitled to the occasional brag. Right? Also, I had a lot of fun setting up the shot, so excuse the artsy pictures. :)

Here’s the quilt in all its scrappy glory…

Don’t tell me you don’t have a John Deere tractor on your .16 acres. I won’t believe you.

The fabric line is “Daisy Cottage” by Lori Holt for Riley Blake. Love. It’s vintage-y but the colors are modern and fun, too. Perfect for a girl who doesn’t want a “princessy” room anymore!

I love binding pictures. I’m a little crazy though, so it might just be me. I used a scrappy binding because I had tons of leftovers from my fat quarter bundle but also because I was too cheap to go buy extra yardage for the binding. I’ve never done a scrappy binding before but it worked perfectly for this pattern. The pattern, if you’re interested, comes from the book “Piece of Pie: Layer Cake Friendly Patterns” by Pie Plate Patterns. This pattern is the one featured on the cover. It’s a really easy pattern that goes together relatively quickly. If you didn’t have little ones that needed attention and weren’t quilting it only when the recipient was at school you would get this done in a few days, no problem!

Speaking of the recipient, I would show you a picture of Rebecca getting her new quilt, but she was jumping around so much most of the pictures are just blurs. :) I wasn’t sure how she would like it, especially compared to the “fun” presents she got from The Ex (her mom), but she asked me yesterday if she could bring it on our upcoming weekend trip. I asked her why she wanted to bring it. She told me it was so soft and cuddly, she couldn’t sleep without it!

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4 Responses to Rebecca’s Quilt

  1. Marilyn Snow says:

    Great Job !!! I love her comments about how she can’t sleep without it. I bet that made you feel great! Stuff like that makes it all worth it.

  2. Liz Higgs says:

    I love it! Have you made many quilts? I’m working on my first right now, but yours is lovely! I hope mine looks half that good ;-)


    • Thank you! This is my (counting on fingers) 5th or 6th quilt? After each quilt I look at it and realize what I need to do better NEXT time. It’s a backwards learning process, but I’m getting much better! :)

  3. […] at least I can admit it!) is online window shopping for quilt fabric. I haven’t quilted since Rebecca’s quilt in May last year. Fabric is expensive, and unless I have a justifiable excuse, ie a birthday, then […]

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