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Back to School 2012

We are officially Back to School – both my public schooled stepchildren, ages 12 and 9, and my homeschooled daughters, ages 4 and 2. Jordan is entering seventh grade in his first year at middle school, Rebecca has started fourth grade, Nicole is doing Kindergarten at home with me, and little Abigail is doing Tot School!

I’m incredibly grateful to be back to a routine. Granted, I’m tired (haven’t quite gotten that school night bedtime down for myself), and I have less help during the day. I actually hate the responsibility behind a routine, but we all do better on one, especially if I can keep it up. The laziness of the summer–and the awfulness of this summer without having a car for a month and even without TV for a bit–is officially behind us.

The biggest change to our routine is that Rebecca and Jordan are no longer going to school clear across town. It was a decision that we reached after a lot of prayer, but we’ve removed Rebecca from her Spanish dual immersion program. My husband and I are sad that she won’t continue in the program, but we also know it’s the best thing for her right now. Not the deciding factor, but a huge benefit, is that I will save approximately 8,000 miles on our car and over an hour a day!

Check back tomorrow to hear more about what Nicole, Abigail and I are doing at home! I’ll share my curriculum choices as well as a recap of our week.

Are your kids back to school? Do you like the routine, or do you dread this time of year?

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