Clear The Air Challenge

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In July, my family had the opportunity to visit the new Rocky Shores exhibit at Hogle Zoo. What? Free trip to the zoo? Count us in!

I was able to attend a kick off press conference for the Clear the Air Challenge 2012. It was attend by the governor, the mayor, the Today’s Mama team (including the fabulous Rachael Herrscher sp), and the press.

This August, Clear the Air is starting a great new challenge for you! You know that yucky cloud of yellow air that hangs over our valley in the winter? Clear the Air is asking us to work now (when the weather is great!) to take part in a valley wide initiative to clean up our air quality. All through the month there will be awesome prizes just for entering how many trips you’ve saved each day. Here’s the info from the Clear the Air site:

A single-occupant vehicle trip is any trip you may take from point A to point B. By making small adjustments in your schedule, you can easily save vehicle trips throughout the day.

For example, if you have two places to go in one day (points A and B), instead of taking four separate trips from your home to each destination and back, you can travel from your home to point A, to point B and then back home. By making this small adjustment, you will have taken 3 trips instead of 4, and saved one trip.

  • If you decide to ride your bike somewhere, you’ve saved 2 trips.
  • If you run your errands on the way home from work instead of going home first, you’ve saved 1 trip per errand (work to library – 1 trip saved, library to grocery store – 1 more trip saved).
  • If you carpool to your kids’ soccer game, everyone in the car but the driver saved 2 trips.
  • If you work from home one day, you’ve saved 2 trips.
  • If you walk to an event, you’ve saved 2 trips.
As you can see, it will be really easy for your miles to add up! I personally like to run all my errands in one trip. Leaving my house with children in tow is hard enough once, I can’t imagine spreading the trips out throughout the day! We also walk to church unless the weather is really bad, and we’re trying not to ride to church even when we’re late. Hee hee. :D
I haven’t had a car since the beginning of July, so do I win the prize right there? Hopefully it’s a new car… KIDDING!
Join the TodaysMama team on Clear the Air so we can a) kick butt and WIN and b) reduce emmissions and provide better air quality for our children. We can so do this!
Will you join the challenge with me?! Join Clear the Air here, and follow all the updates *and reminders!* on Facebook!
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