FHE Made Easy: May Week 1

So…. this is awkward.

The one week
{okay, second week}
I don’t have the lesson put up before Monday, my hard drive goes on the fritz.

Sometimes, it just disappears. Knock on wood, it’s always come back.
But it’s currently missing.

no FHE lesson this week! Sorry!

But, if you had stake conference like me, you were probably 1 week ahead of schedule anyway. You should be just fine. You can always take a night to do a game night!

However, if you aren’t ahead of schedule, or don’t feel like waiting around for my hard drive to reappear, feel free to grab the entire year of lessons for only $10.
It’s easier this way, trust me. 

If my hard drive happens to feel like moseying on back to where my computer can recognize it, I’ll post the lesson right away. But until then… use the link below to grab the whole year. Good thing that’s not dependent on my hard drive, eh?

Buy Now

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