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FHE Made Easy

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 Welcome to FHE Made Easy!

FHE Made Easy are easy family home evening lessons designed for the modern family. Designed to be engaging to all age levels, the lessons come in a PDF format. You can print them off week by week for free, or buy the whole year of lessons in a single download for only $10.

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Here’s the plan:

A lesson for every week of the year.
52 lessons.
Published every Monday morning–right when you need them.
I’ll tell you what items you need and what prep you need to do beforehand right off.
The songs, the scriptures, the stories? All links.
The most work you’ll be doing is printing off a coloring page or activity.
{Okay, there are a few hands-on activities, but I’ve kept it super simple.}

Free bonuses include a plan to read the Book of Mormon in a year, page titles for every page in the Book of Mormon, and a cute Family Home Evening chart.

 Lessons match week-for-week with the Book of Mormon primary manual. I took care not to repeat anything from the manual, just reinforce. The lessons are published on the blog each Monday after the lesson would have been taught in Primary. In fact, many primary teachers are buying the download not just to use as Family Home Evening, but so they can have them each Sunday to teach their classes.

Side note: the ability to keep this in your tablet or iPad is exactly what I wanted for my family. They are pdf files with clickable links, so everything you need is right there, from scriptures to songs!

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Want the free version? Click here to access all the currently published lessons!

29 Responses to FHE Made Easy

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  2. […] •FHE Made Easy – lessons match week for week with the Primary manual for the Book of Mormon; lessons posted on Monday morning including lesson, activity and printables! […]

  3. Christin says:

    Hi! Thank you for making the FHE available! I paid for the whole year, how do I get the packet?

  4. Sherri says:


  5. Amy says:

    I have already purchased the FHE but I don’t have access to my email anymore and I would like to know how to keep it on my Ipad. Thanks

  6. Celest Marlor says:

    I too have already purchased the FHE but I cant seem to find it anywhere on my computer or email. thanks

    • The file is sent automatically to the email address you use PayPal with, or what you entered when you pay. It may have gotten to a spam folder. If you still can’t find it, please email me and we’ll get it to you right away!

  7. Michael Sanderson says:

    I’ve had computer problems now can’t access the PDF I had before, I’m trying to find the e-mail but cannot. I did pay for the years subscription last month sometime. any way I can get the link again.

  8. Christi says:

    Does this use the 2012 primary lessons? If so do you have a current one for 2013? Thanks so much, love your blog!

  9. Carlos says:

    Mail servers are nuoraiots for letting in their own popups. Change your mail and they will temporarily vanish, until your new mail server starts letting them in.

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