Valentine’s Day: A Little Love for YOU.

Valentine's Day Sale - 20% Off!

Yay, it’s the day of love and chocolate and flowers and — wait.

That’s not my life.
It’s the day of suckers, cheap “BFFs 4EVER!” cards, and sticky fingers and hyper children.
…yay, Valentine’s Day…

Funny, the second time I said it, I was so much less enthusiastic.

As I’m writing this, my husband is not super thrilled with me, Valentine’s Day is on a ridiculous Tuesday, which is also custody day for the ex, and we have little money for romantic-y splurges. So Valentine’s Day is kind of a bummer right now. But wait. I think I had found an upside to this?

Oh yeah.
Just because I am going to be having a not awesome Valentine’s Day, doesn’t mean I can’t spread a little love around myself, right? So today only,

FHE Made Easy is 20% off!


You can grab an entire year’s worth of Family Home Evening lessons for only $8. But this is a limited (and possibly one-time only! depending on my mood the next major holiday!) sale, so you really do need to act fast. I’m not just saying that. The good news is, if your husband rocks your socks each Valentine’s Day, he’s not even going to bat an eye at a measly eight bucks spent on a year of family night lessons!

And if he’s no good at Valentine’s Day, then… well… then he really can’t be upset about you spending eight dollars on something for the family, now can he?

I see no downside here.

So don’t hesitate
because I’ve officially solved your
FHE Made Easy

{I’m such a problem solver.} 

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