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Hey I’m going to have the giveaway up soon but until then…

thought I’d share a few fun offers with you! Sign up while you’re waiting for the giveaway. You are just waiting impatiently by your computer, right??
This is what I picture in my head. Don’t spoil it, okay?

Okay, first up is Daily Grommet. This is a fun twist to your standard “deal of the day” site. Each day they post “one new inventive product you’ve never heard of,” which is definitely unique. Today they are featuring a great deal on cookies for charity called “Baking for Good.” Um hello. Cookies + charity? I’m in! I’m betting you’ll find the coolest stuff for the holidays here!! Check it out:

Have you heard of ThredUp? I love this. I’m on a budget, and clothes for four kids? Even at Walmart it adds up sickeningly fast. The concept here is kind of “grab bag” fun. You sign up, and they send you priority mail boxes. Stuff them full of clothes, and list it online. You list the product, brands, sizes, whatever. Then someone buys your box and you set it out for the mail man. You literally never have to go to the post office for this. (I’m kind of anti-post office. And bank. But maybe that’s just me?) If you ship a box, you get to pick a box for free! If you’re saving clothes for the next kid, no problem. Each box is $5 plus $10.95 shipping. For $15 for a box crammed of clothes, this is a huge steal. Plus you declutter. And you don’t go to the post office. (Did I mention that?) They are having a promotion right now if you sign up, you get to choose your first box and just pay shipping!

Okay, another favorite of mine is ebates. This is the best for Christmas shopping. I try to do a lot of holiday shopping online because hello, shopping with kids defeats the purpose. :) Anyway, anytime you’re ready to buy online, you go to ebates. You click on the link that you want to shop at (i.e., Walmart or Best Buy), and it transfer you to the site. That’s it. You buy as normal, and it automatically credits you a percentage of your sale back into your pocket. Plus you can combine it with coupon codes or whatever as normal!

Oh, and like to peruse magazines? I do because I can read almost an entire article without getting interrupted. Definitely mama friendly! Anyway, BabyTalk magazine is giving out free subscriptions! Sign up, this will go quick!

I also love signing up for email promotions because you can get killer deals. For instance, I signed up to get emails from Chilis. Every few weeks they send me a new promotion. Just got an email for Kids Eat Free this Tuesdays and Wednesday! I love when eating out becomes affordable. As long as I can avoid the temptation of their molten chocolate cake, that is!

Right now Canvas People are giving away a free 8×10 (just pay shipping), or 40% off plus free shipping! This is awesome because who wants a little 8×10? I’ve been dying for a family portrait on canvas, and I don’t want a small little 8×10! I want something to go over the proverbial mantel (I just don’t have a fireplace.) This would be great for the grandma in your life!


Okay last thing: Toluna! I have been loving this. It’s really easy to make a few extra bucks here and there just by filling out surveys. If you’re not doing the laundry, you may as well be earning some cash for not doing it, right? Because that sounds like a pretty good excuse to me!

I think that’s all the special offers I have for you right now! Please remember, these are affiliate offers. This means that I get a small bonus when you sign up under these links, which helps keep this site running. It also offsets the time I spend making curriculum and posting about my life which I know you need. It’s like your daily cup of coffee, if you’re into that.

Check back soon… we should have a fabulous giveaway before your hubby gets home from work!

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