Breathing Space Retreat, Pt. 2 (Or, where I conquer my fears and leave my house.)

Kathy, Me, Megan, and Little E.

Yesterday I told you the hilarious story of how I wanted to go to the Breathing Space Blogger Retreat, but I freaked out instead and stayed home crying on Friday. Actually, it wasn’t that hilarious. Just kinda… sad. You know, in a pathetic sort of way.

So, Saturday.
I woke up, got ready, asked Gary for a blessing and a push out the door. He gave me both. Then he walked me to the car. Made sure I got in the car. Made sure I left. On the way, I focused on not thinking about what I was doing. I listened to music and attempted to zone out.

Finally, I got there. Breathe… breathe…

I found my friend, the fabulous Kathy of Danish Mama. Truly, truly fabulous lady! She was in charge of PR and sponsors for the event, and did such an amazing job. I got there at the tail end of breakfast, sponsored by Chick-Fil-A.  Then we headed to our first class. I buddied up with a neighbor of mine, Megan. She’s a new blogger on the block, with a blog about feeding your family easily! Megan, Kathy, and I went to (my) first class about DoTerra essential oils with Heather Carson. I’ve blogged a few times about greener living, and it really is something I believe in. I’d love to experiment more with the oils, so it was fun learning new things.

We then had a lunch break. There was a bit of organized chaos as we swarmed SoDa Row. Luckily, there were fabulous volunteers (all wearing black and a super cute Flirty Apron to set them apart) ready to show us the way. I got lunch from Tio’s. We ate, chatted, and crossed our fingers through giveaways. (My finger crossing didn’t serve me well.)

Jenny K. Photography

(Jessica from Utah Deal Diva, Kathy from Danish Mama, and Summer from SummerScraps and I promise,  I was to the left of Summer!)

We then had the opportunity to go check out Oh Sweet Sadie! which is an annual craft market on SoDa Row. Too-die-for cute, I had to walk away with a couple of fun things for my kids, like these darling headbands.

Jenny K Photography

Then I went into Oopsie Daisy, which is the perfect store for anyone with young children. Loved, loved, loved their Pottery Barn-esque furniture displays, but even more I loved their book and toy selection! I picked out a few kids books for me the kids. There was another class, but I was having too much fun at Oopsie Daisy to tear myself away.

Next I headed to a photography class. Can I tell you how exciting it was to be offered a one hour class by Emilie, of the wonderful Photos by Emilie? I felt like I was being taught by a celebrity, seriously. The class was held in the most gorgeous model home in Daybreak, I can’t tell you how many ‘mental notes’ I made about my future dream house!

After, we had our rather fabulous Cinco de Mayo fiesta with a chance to network with the rather fabulous sponsors of Breathing Space. Rather fabulous, wouldn’t you say?

Jenny K. Photography

There you have it. Proof that I went! I’m in the middle there with Kathy of Danish Mama (left) and Megan of Eating Easily (right) with Little E. in her arms. You know what? Despite all my scaredy pants crying on the couch the day before, I really had the best time. It was chill and relaxed and truly a wonderful retreat!

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7 Responses to Breathing Space Retreat, Pt. 2 (Or, where I conquer my fears and leave my house.)

  1. Tristan says:

    Hooray! I’m so glad you went!

  2. Debbie Wyler says:

    i’m so happy that you went! sounds like a great time. i would LOVE to go to something like this sometime. i’m not a great blogger, but that doesn’t matter, right? i can pretend. :)

  3. Andrea says:

    YAY! More often than not, I’m glad I got out of the house after it’s all over. Do I ever remember that beforehand? No. :D

    • I swear, the hardest part is to open the door and walk out. Well, and then start the car. Getting out of the car is pretty tough too. Walking up to the door/event/location… whew. HARD. But once I’m there, I’m FINE. Baby steps, maybe that’s the answer?!

  4. Sounds so fun. I wanna go next time.

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