Summer and Murphy’s Law

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Murphy’s Law:
If anything can go wrong, it will.

Remember how I was all like “hey, I don’t need a summer plan, because we’re just going to go to Seven Peaks a million times and that better be good enough?

And remember how I blogged about how I drove a million miles (7,920 miles, for real!) to the school and back so we can have my daughter in a dual immersion Spanish program? We’ve had to replace the tires a lot. And I’ve had a lot of flat tires. Perhaps this should have been a clue, but we were getting 4 new tires about every six months.

Darn you, Murphy’s Law.

I had a blowout on the freeway recently. Completely unexpected, and I nearly lost control of the vehicle as I guided it into the left shoulder. Naturally, I had two scared little girls in the car. Turns out, all those flats? The tires that wear down repeatedly? Just one of many serious problems with that car.

My brilliant Seven Peaks “plan?”



{Pardon the temporary insanity. I pray it’s temporary.}

Murphy’s Law.
I should have known.

Have you ever been stuck at home with no transportation? How would YOU survive this summer?!

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5 Responses to Summer and Murphy’s Law

  1. Tristan says:

    Ha, that is a bit funny. Things often seem to work that way, don’t they?

    Get a small baby pool for wading, a sprinkler for running through.
    Fingerpaint things – do it outside before hopping in the pool, it makes for quick cleanup.
    Have a beach ball, ooball, or other light ball? do volleyball in the house, or the backyard.
    Lots of art projects and crafts if it’s too hot to be out.
    Begin reading aloud a special story and read only a chapter each day.

  2. Lynn says:

    Turn on every electronic device you own. Watch kids be mesmerized. Run to your room to hide/nap. Did I say that aloud or just think it? What I really meant was: have a lot of book, board game, and craft time. When I’m feeling stuck at home, I also like to create group projects that will make me feel better at the end – cleaning, reorganization, etc.

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