Coupon Organization and a GIVEAWAY!!

First of all, I am so excited that we made it to the giveaway!!
Welcome to all of my new readers. I hope you stick around with us. 
What else do you have to do with your time? Laundry??

Many people wonder when they begin couponing, myself included, how to organize all these coupons. My first thought was a recipe box. First, it didn’t fit well into my purse. And second, when I grabbed it by the lid it 
dumped out

No good! After researching, I found that many people prefer the “binder” method. It took me awhile of sale searching to accumulate enough baseball card size page protectors, and then I just used a binder I had on hand.

Yesterday I bought a new binder. It’s so fancy! Here’s how I organize my coupons.

This is my new binder. It’s purple, and it zips up. I like the zip factor as it makes it harder for my three year old to get into it to “play.” Also, it keeps coupons from falling out when you drop it because you were carrying it, your purse, your baby, and dragging your three year old into the store all while talking on the phone.
This hasn’t happened to me. But it will.

In the outside pocket, I keep scissors for clipping coupons and an eraser for my dry erase marker. (We’ll talk about that soon.)
The outer pocket opens up to fit my pen, my dry erase market, and my store cards. (I’m not sure if I’ll like having my store cards in my binder or not. I just know I can never find them in my purse at checkout!)
When you unzip the binder, it has an accordion file. I love this! This is where I keep all my store ads. Otherwise they have a tendency to find themselves recycled before I was done with them.

For my actual coupons, I currently use baseball card (or business card) page protectors. I have pocket page dividers. I like the pockets so I can stuff in coupons that need to be filed (or re-filed after a trip to the store). 
Before my coupons and page dividers, I keep a whole page protector. I stuff my coupons here as I pull them out during shopping so I can easily hand them to the cashier as I check out. I’m also thinking of printing out a grocery list each with that I can check off with my dry erase marker.

And last, the coupons themselves. For smaller coupons, I stick them in the pocket, two to a pocket. For bigger coupons, like print-at-home coupons, I fold them in half. I want to be able to see the product, product amount, and the expiration date for any given coupon. That way I can easily chuck the coupons that have expired without pulling everything out to check the date.
Because that’s just not going to happen.

Oh! I forgot to tell you the labels I currently use. This is a work in progress but what seems to be working for me are the following page dividers:

cereal & baking goods
pantry items
refrigerated (I include milk products in this as well)
frozen foods
snacks & treats (including soda, kool-aid, etc.)
personal care (everything from makeup to deodorant to makeup)
cleaning supplies (also ziploc type items)
and misc.

Currently my “misc” section has baby items, a few toy coupons, and DVD coupons. If you have a baby drinking formula and wearing disposable diapers, you will probably want a baby section as well. Make this list work for you and your family!

You want to know the greatest thing about this coupon organizer?

You can get one too!
You can win this coupon organizer! It comes ready to start couponing with
the fabulous blue binder
10 baseball card page protectors
sheet dividers
and some great coupons to start you off!

How great is that? Now you really don’t have an excuse to not use coupons. Just fill out the form below. You must be a facebook follower to enter, but everything else are bonus entries!

This is my first giveaway, so please be patient if there are any technical difficulties.
Also, please remember that commenting on this post DOES NOT count as an entry.

I will pick a winner via on Monday, April 18, 2011!

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3 Responses to Coupon Organization and a GIVEAWAY!!


    I just added your blog to my site today. I am really interested in starting doing the coupon thing. I really like the binder that you have and was wondering if you would be able to tell me where you might have purchased this from? Also can you tell me where you can purchase the baseball or business card holders from. I am a single disabled mom with a low income and would really like to start saving my family some extra cash. Thank you so much. Sincerely, Maggie Brooks

  2. newbiemama says:

    I'm so glad you're enjoying the site! Couponing is lots of fun, but there's a learning curve. I purchased the binder at Walmart for $10. It works very well and seems very durable.

    I found the baseball holders at Michael's and Robert's Crafts. I used a 40% off coupon, though sometimes you can get 50% off coupons in the mail or through the newspaper. I believe both Michael's and JoAnn's offer an email newsletter too. The last JoAnn's email I got included a 40% or 50% off coupon too. So definitely look into that. Good luck, and welcome!

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