Delectable Designs Giveaway Winner Redraw!

giveaway cape WINNER

I’m sad to say the winner of the Delectable Designs giveaway never responded. Say what?! Who would give up this fabulous cape?

I have a feeling if the winner ever makes her way back to this blog and realizes what she missed, she’s going to be bummed! This means I need to draw a new giveaway winner! The new winner of the super hero cape is…

Debbie W!

Debbie, email me at sarahclipscoupons at gmail dot com to claim your prize! Send us your mailing info and let us know which letter you want on your cape (or if you decide on the bows!), and we’ll send you this kick-bad-guy-butt cape! Congratulations!!

PS to everyone else – don’t worry, plenty more giveaways to come! Also, did you see what Savannah just put up in her shop? I totally laughed-out-loud when I saw.
{I typed it out so you knew that I actually lol’ed, not just that inner brain chuckle we normally mean when we type lol!}

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2 Responses to Delectable Designs Giveaway Winner Redraw!

  1. Savannah says:

    Debbie- congrats! I am excited for you to get your prize. Let me know if it is a cape or the adorable bows you want!

  2. Debbie Wyler says:

    Yay! Thank you! I’m very excited!

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