Ladies and gentlemen (gentleman?),
we have our winner!

Drumroll please…
I’m totally picturing that someone, somewhere out in blog land is doing a little hand “drumroll” on their computer desk. But that’s probably unrealistic, am I right?

The winner of the fabulous blue coupon organizer is…

Jess L.!!

Congratulations Jess! 
Jess, you have 24 hours to claim your prize. Please email me at to claim it or I will pick a new winner. :)

In case anyone is wondering, I used to generate the winning number.

Also, the binder was purchased at Wal-Mart for a great price. In fact I’ll be back there soon to pick some up for my kids. They are so jealous of mine! 

To everyone else, WELCOME to the blog! I can’t wait to do more giveaways… and yes, I have a lot more planned in the future. 

But I also promised my hubby I wouldn’t go too crazy.

So stick around and keep sharing because the next giveaway will be at… hmm. What number shall I pick? I know, I’ll use that handy

Ok, the first three numbers it picked were less than 10 followers away so I will do a giveaway at 75 followers on facebook! It’s my blog, I can discard if I want to, right??
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