Internet Woes and GIVEAWAY info!

Longest weekend ever.
We depend on internet for our TV viewing.
We depend on our internet for, you know, the internet.
Essentially, we depend on our internet for life itself.

Or that’s the way it feels when the internet is suddenly and cruelly taken from you. On a home show weekend where your husband will be gone an additional 19 hours. (Who’s counting?)

Friday a.m. the internet randomly went out. The soonest they could get someone out to fix it was Monday. That did not do good things for me. An hour ago the guy came (he waited! he waited for me!), fixed the little box that randomly decided to not give me internet, and left.

I’m so happy. I’m on the computer and the kids are watching TV.

Life is good again.

Technically the giveaway is supposed to be today but due to technically difficulties (I knew there were going to be some!), I’m going to draw for the winner tomorrow afternoon. Which gives you slackers (you know who you are!) one more day to enter the contest for the coupon organizer.

So enter! Share! Enter! Share!

Actually, you can only do those things once. 

But do them. 

It’s good karma, and will probably make me a little happier. Which, considering the weekend I just had, I totally deserve, don’t you agree?
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