UTA Trax Event & GIVEAWAY!

Giveaway has ended. Check back soon for more fun!
Last Friday, I was lucky enough to be invited to ride the new TRAX line out to Daybreak. I got to bring along my kids too, which was less lucky, but still acceptable. 
{Really lucky would have been them offering to watch my kids while I rode the train!}

I was a little overwhelmed about taking four kids on a train by myself, particularly when:
I have never ridden TRAX anywhere.
I invited my sister-in-law, and her three girls (including her new little baby!), as well as my mother-in-law for an extra helping hand. (Things don’t seem so hard when you can complain about it together, am I right?) Like I said, I was a little overwhelmed, and when I’m overwhelmed I make up for it by being really early to places so I know what to expect.
We arrived the first thing we saw were goody bags!
Brilliant PR move, folks.
See, my three year old had been telling me for the past few days that trains were scary, and she didn’t want it to go too fast. We even watched the Yo Gabba Gabba episode on trains, and she was still worried.

Break open the goody bag; insert train whistle in mouth and put train cap on head; have big brother assemble paper train model and…
trains are the coolest thing ever!

(The sugar they provided may have helped too.)

First there was a giveaway, then we reviewed safety rules with the children. I’ve ridden many subways so I’m familiar with riding trains in general, but my younger kids don’t have much experience. Even better than hearing the rules of trains, we were able to immediately implement them by walking up to the train platform. We practiced looking both ways at the crossing and not standing on the yellow line. Nicole had a little problem with this, as she really had no idea there was a train about to rush up.

We boarded the train, and to my relief, there was plenty of room for our big group to sit together. In fact, I easily could have brought our stroller and parked her behind me. The train was really nice, and the ride was very smooth. 

We stopped at all the stops as the train was in testing; but even then the ride went quickly.

The best part for me was meeting some real-life bloggers! I met Amy of Amy Bennion Photography, Lisa of Gourmified, Victoria from obSEUSSed, and Jodi with My SLC Mommy. All fabulous ladies with great blogs. 

You know those goody bags I mentioned? 
Well, the best part about them is that they came with passes for a future round-trip ride (anytime in August) on TRAX–even good for FrontRunner! Each pass is good for 4 people, and 6 and under ride free.
I got 2 for me and 2 for you!

That’s right, we’re doing a quick little giveaway! I’m giving a round-trip TRAX group pass to two people. Like I said, I wanna do this quick (like FrontRunner, haha!), so it’s only open until tomorrow night, 7/20/11, at 9ish PM. I say 9ish because I might forget, or be busy, or fall down the stairs and hyperventilate until I have to call the ambulance. You just never know.

To enter, just fill out this form. Extra entries are available by following the Slacker Mom on Facebook, following this blog on Google Friend Connect, subscribing to the RSS feed, sharing the giveaway on Facebook or Twitter, and answering a few simple questions. 
Easy peasy, pumpkin cheesy!
{Not sure why that always comes out after I say “easy.”}

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