Update {Still Slacking.}

Oh my gosh. It has been twelve days since I’ve posted.


I have this huge fear that I’m just going to say “well, it’s been so long, what would I say?” And never post again.

I vow not to do that.
Well, I vow to try really hard not to do that.

Let me tell you… the past couple of weeks have been ca-ra-zy!

I’ve had a few sewing projects with deadlines that I procrastinated. So I worked like mad to get them done and you know what? My house was so scary, it was like the moment in the scary movie where the stupid girl is going to the basement where the killer is and she’s all alone and the power is out and you want to yell “Don’t go down there! Don’t do it!”

I think my husband started having pre traumatic stress disorder on his commute home. I’m pretty sure he was yelling to himself in the car, “Don’t go in there! Just go back to work!” But he came home anyway. For some reason.

Also, the hard drive where I store all my preschool curriculum–and every little picture we have ever taken–it all disappeared. I figure, as long as I don’t worry too much about it then it will be okay. Until I know it’s gone, then I can hope that it’s not. Does that make sense? So I’m living in a blissful it-will-all-be-okay state and trying really hard not to thinking about the heartbreaking fear that may be realized the moment my husband gets around to fixing the computer.
It disappeared before and came back. It’ll be fine. Right?
Without any pictures and without any curriculum… there really hasn’t been a lot to post about.

In other news, I just got back from a long trip to the ER. My husband had one of his frequent migraine flare ups, though this time the pain was beyond the point of endurance. When that happens I take him to the doctor, but of course it’s Sunday and everything is closed. We went to Instacare, but they couldn’t do anything. Grr. Then we went to the ER finally where they still didn’t do much except more or less put him to sleep.
I’m pretty sure street drugs are cheaper and far more effective.

In between all that we managed to take 4 kids to church.
I also took 4 kids to McDonald’s. :(
I think the wrong cancels out the right.
Good try, Me.

It’s funny: I was super cool about everything today. I didn’t flip out with stress, I didn’t snap at the children, I didn’t guilt Gary for “doing this to me.” We left the kids at home at Instacare, then I drove to the hospital, then drove back to the kids, then went to the hospital (thinking I could pick Gary up), then got McDonald’s and drove the kids to my totally awesome mother-in-law’s to watch the kids, then went back to the hospital and sat by Gary while he slept and I played Boggle on my phone till my fingers were numb.  We finally left, picked up the kids, and went home.

Then I started yelling and telling everyone to go to bed or else they will have no fun tomorrow!
{I’ve noticed my threats get pretty lame when I’m tired.} 

The good news is, tomorrow will be better. It’s got to be.

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2 Responses to Update {Still Slacking.}

  1. Laura says:

    That sounds like a horrible day, hopefully today was/is better! I get migraines all the time too. When my husband had his first one ever a year or so back he was describing it to me and I was like “yep, that’s a migraine.” He has since been more understanding and helpful with the kids when I get mine! :) Sounds like your husband gets super bad ones though, so I hope those subside for him. I hope you guys find your external drive and that the chaos decreases in your lives for a while. Sending prayers your way!

    • One thing about my husband; when I complain about headaches he is the SWEETEST! So I know what you mean. :) And seriously, my headaches are like minor little tension headaches. Now if I have the FLU he’s like, “Oh bummer, see ya after work!” And leaves. Lol. Today is so far… well, not *better* but no worse. Hahaha! Thanks for the prayers!

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