Confession: I’m a Big Ol’ Scaredy Pants.

2013 curriculum

2013 curriculum


Tomorrow is the first day of homeschool (and public school!) for us. {We’re a dual-educated family; my oldest two kids go to public school, and my youngest two kids are homeschooled.} I’m kind of like, freaking out. Just a little bit.

I keep wanting to post our “curriculum” plans, because I’m proud that they are actual plans, not just half-formed ideas. Last year, I posted our “Kindergarten Lite” curriculum. While my 4 year old easily worked on a Kindergarten level, I took ‘lite’ a little too literally… Or in other words, I was really bad at consistently doing anything.

This year is our official Kindergarten Year: all the kids my daughter’s age are headed out into the big scary elementary school with brand new backpacks and tennis shoes. My daughter is staying home and having her education held at the mercy of my energy levels. If we’re going to keep on doing this Homeschool Thing, then I have to actually do it, not just curriculum shop and plan and obsess only to skip the days when I’m feeling lazy, because that’s every day. 

I’m afraid to post our curriculum plans because I’m afraid. I’m afraid to “fail” again, and I’m afraid to publicly post plans that could end up being a complete joke. I know it’s Satan who tries to convince me that I’ve failed at all. In spite of me, my daughter excelled in the last year. Her reading has absolutely blossomed, and yet again, she’s easily working on a level above her school age. But.

But. But but but.

I’ve spent all the money, and I’ve talked the talk, but I’m scared that I’m too lazy/un-energized/overwhelmed/ridiculous to actually walk the walk.

Can I be a real homeschooler? Or has it all been an interesting diversion from any number of household tasks I should be doing??

Psst… sorry all these posts of late have been homeschool related. I’m completely obsessed with not screwing this year up! What are you obsessing over right now?

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5 Responses to Confession: I’m a Big Ol’ Scaredy Pants.

  1. Tristan says:

    (((HUGS))) I understand how you feel! We’ve been at this homeschool thing for eight years officially (oldest is 7th, then I have 3rd, 2nd, gifted Kindergartener, 4yo, 2yo, 1yo, and 1 month old). At different times it feels so big and scary to be responsible for their education. Let me share with you the one truth I have come to know with a surety:

    God will magnify your efforts, no matter how small, to work wonders in the life of your child. Even if you only do a tenth of what you would like He can make that more than enough. You don’t have to be perfectly consistent. He chose YOU to be mother and it is not a surprise to Him that you’re homeschooling. He’s been preparing you for a long time already.

    Have a lovely first day! Freak outs are totally allowed! I think they’re a great way to send us to our knees in prayer and keep us humble. I can’t handle homeschooling my children. It’s too hard. But I’m not in this alone. I can do all things through Christ… (Phillipians 4:13)

    • Ada says:

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  2. Mark Lacy says:

    I am confident you can do it. My small bit of advise is to (1) get started, (2) try to be consistent starting daily as scheduled (3) but allow your other needs and energy determine how long you go each day.

    I find that when I’ve committed to reading scriptures daily, and allow opening the scriptures and reading one verse count as reading, I can’t fail. But once the book is opened 9 out of 10 days I read several chapters even though the minimum standard I’ve set is one verse. To me it’s getting the book open daily and the rest falls into place.

    For what it’s worth. dad

  3. Mikensi says:

    You are gonna rock it!

    • Danilo says:

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