Friday Flashback: A Story About Ping

Rowing A Story About Ping

Note: I’m not one, but two weeks behind in posting our Friday Flashbacks! Oh well. I’m not sure if I’ll double post one day or “catch up” (ha, right!) but this Friday actually happened 2 weeks ago. Yes, I’m perfectly aware of my posting abilities. Or lack thereof.

This week in school, we used our lovely Five in a Row curriculum to “row” a book called, The Story about Ping.* This story, by Marjorie Flack, has reached classic status. I was particularly interested to row it because our last row, Storm in the Night, wasn’t well received by my literature critic! Fortunately, she loved it, and was quite upset the following Monday when I announced we were done with Ping!

This Week We:
Ideas and Inspiration Also From:

What did you do this week? (This real week… I don’t expect you to remember what you did two weeks ago!)

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4 Responses to Friday Flashback: A Story About Ping

  1. Aleisha says:

    SARAH!!! You blog is AWESOME! It should be “Confessions of a Rockstar Mom!” HA HA! I have loved my visit here; perusing all your posts and wonderful ideas. I look forward to reading more from you. I liked your site on FB too! Thanks a million billion for stopping by my blog and for showing love and support. I appreciate it more than you know! Happy Sunday and lots of love! XOXO!

  2. stephanie says:

    Can I ask how you come up with all of the activities that you do for each book?

    We are just starting HS and trying to figure things out.


    Love your blog

    • Stephanie, I need a whole post on this. The short answer is: googling. :D The long answer is that I spent TONS of time seeing what other moms did. And you know what? We hated it. Yes, we enjoyed the activities, but half of them (ahem, NOT pictured) my daughter got frustrated or cried through. It was too much. I quit FIAR altogether then I slowly turned back to it. And you know what? I’m just using the manual. We’re talking about the book and the pictures and a bit about the country as it comes up. Surprise surprise: it really does WORK in its simplicity!

  3. Kattie says:

    Thanks for sharing your great links!

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