Friday Flashback: Lentil

Rowing Lentil

Welcome to our third ‘Friday Flashback!‘ I’m already two weeks behind, because that’s the way it works around here, but let’s pretend this is what we did this week. :D

This Week We:

        • ‘Rowed’ Lentil* by Robert McCloskey



      • Battled a nasty cold. I would have been fine skipping school this week, but Nicole wanted to continue; unless something was difficult, in which case she was ‘too sick.’



      • Learned about the United States as we colored a map of the US (highlighting Ohio, setting of Lentil, and Utah, our location) and our flag. I created the flag myself, but apparently I didn’t save it. :/









      • Used a banana to introduce fractions, talked about wholehalf, and a quarter





      • Abigail did color sorting (bears from McRuffy Math, bowls on summer clearance at the grocery store!) and watched TV and played with Mommy’s tablet and got into things while we did school.



Science Taste Buds Activity
This activity was a bit of a bust. Technically, you should dip a q-tip into the taste substance (we used lemon juice, powdered sugar, salt water, and cocoa powder), and touch it to various parts of your tongue. Scientifically, your tongue can only taste certain ‘flavors’ on certain parts of your tongue. However, this was lost on Nicole, and she more or less sucked on the whole toothpick. Consequently, she could taste the salty, sweet, bitter, or sour substance on all parts of her tongue. She was also getting over a cold. Oh well. She has mentioned to me several times since this activity that she used her ‘taste buds’ to taste a certain food.
For this activity, we read from the First Encyclopedia of the Human Body and Usborne Book of Science Activities, vol. 2 to find out more about how taste works. I drew a little worksheet that I should upload but that’s not going to happen. :) Basically it sectioned off the different parts of the tongue and after you tasted the various products, you were supposed to color the tongue according to wear you could taste it the best, which didn’t work anyway.
Notes from the Slacker
I’m gradually adjusting to my more lazy style (now that the excitement of planning/starting is dying down). I’m doing less to keep Abigail occupied and letting her watch too much TV or run around the house. I’m sliding into the bad habit of telling Nicole that we’ll start “right after I print stuff off the computer,” which means we start school very, very late. I’m still working on simplifying and finding out what works for us and what really doesn’t!  

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2 Responses to Friday Flashback: Lentil

  1. Mikensi says:

    You are SO real to me! I like you. Homeschool FTW! (How many homeschool lesson plans have I printed and haven’t started yet??)

    • I like you too!! I’m truly so grateful to get comments like ‘you are real to me’ because I don’t want to put off some fakey image of myself, or our homeschool, or anything. We’re kind of sort of doing our best, and that’s okay!

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