Friday Flashback: Storm in the Night

Storm in the Night

This is our first official “Friday Flashback” post. Technically, this post is describing what we did last week, because I’m ADHD and I have to stay behind in order to keep up. That makes sense, right? :)

This week, we used our Five in a Row curriculum to begin ‘rowing’ the book Storm in the Night, by Mary Stolz. Quite honestly, my daughter did not enjoy this book. She’s mildly afraid of thunder (and phobic public restroom toilets, but that’s for another post), and there was one slightly dramatic scene in the book.

In the book, a boy and his grandfather are discussing fears on a stormy night when they have no power. Grandfather tells a story of losing his dog as a boy and being afraid to go out into a big storm. A man who was ‘seven feet tall, and a face like a crack in the ice,’ returns the dog. This element made Nicole cry the first time we read it, hide under a chair the second time we read it, and complain each subsequent time. However, on Friday, we experienced a quick thunderstorm. Of course we had to read Storm in the Night, and with the comfort of her big brother and sister nearby, she wasn’t scared at all. Great progress, I’d say!

This week we:

My thoughts:
This was our first week ‘rowing,’ so I wanted to share some thoughts about what I thought of the curriculum and also how our first week went!
  • I’m an over planner. I plan way more in a day than I’ll ever actually want to do. It stresses me and Nicole when I try to squeeze too much into our day!
  • Five in a Row is truly designed to be open and go… yet I constantly feel like just reading from the manual isn’t “enough.” Perhaps that’s homeschooling newbie fears?
  • Homeschooling with a toddler in tow… whole different ball game compared to doing preschool with a napping tot!
  • Some days… it’s just not happening. For any of us. That’s okay.
  • I need more direction for implementing the Gospel into our studies. (Look at our curriculum to see what my current direction is, then offer suggestions. Seriously!) It was so simple and natural when we did Walk Beside Me. It was the focus.
  • Slacker alert: in the above pictures, if you look closely, my kids aren’t bathed. Also, we have a rule that the table needs to be clean before homeschooling. Yes, that needs to be a rule. The rest of the house is still a mess.

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9 Responses to Friday Flashback: Storm in the Night

  1. It sounds like you are doing a great job. Despite late baths and feeling like you need more planning, I am positive the kids are learning SO much – and even more importantly, it sounds like they are enjoying it, and enjoying time with all of you together. So you are doing great!

    • Thank you Jamie! Your words were totally uplifting. They are learning, but they are also doing what they love most: cuddling and reading with mommy. So I guess I can’t ‘fail’ them if I’m doing that, right??

  2. Kristina says:

    Stopping by from Weekly WrapUp! Welcome to the world of “rowing”– from one rowing family to another : ) This wasn’t our favorite book either, but LOVE all the activities you did! This is our second year rowing, and honestly I felt just the way you did last year… over planning, stressing out… this year I am determined to not loose my time searching for “more” and it’s helped my stress level out! Lol. You could always row for two weeks to fit everything in (and just finish the second week with go alongs instead of the actual FIAR selection). I just think, because FIAR’s foundation is more “converstional” it seems like it’s not enough– but “not enough” of what?! Paperwork? Crafts? I think it’s just a very different way of doing “school” and takes time getting used too : ) But stick to the manual and do what works FOR YOU!! : )
    Anyways… enough of my rambling! Thanks for sharing!

    • Yes, a very different way of doing school. I have this fear that everything needs to be covered or I’ll be doing a grave disservice to my daughter(s). BUT I need to keep in mind, they are so little right now… they are happy just to be reading books with mommy!

  3. jessica says:

    I think your curriculum choices look good. We have had good results with the Discover the Scriptures curriculum for gospel: They start at 1st grade, but I was able to use it with my daughter during her kindy year no problem.

    Homeschooling with babies & toddlers can be tough – I put together some of the helps I use to make it a bit easier:

    (Here from Red Headed Hostess, btw)

    • Thank you so much for your advice! I love your post on homeschooling with the littles in tow.

      I did wonder about using Discover the Scriptures with my young K’er. Right now I’m working behind the scenes to make an LDS product for families doing Five in a Row. IF I ever get that finished. Thanks for stopping by!

  4. […] years ago. Anyone who happened to read those posts since then probably pictures us, sitting daily at our dining room table, working through math facts and adorable literary themed crafts and […]

  5. Darlene says:

    I am checking theses pages for my daughter I am as frugal but Her not so much her husband not at. they have 3 yr old boy and a 2 yr (Mar 1st) and she just lost her job company closed. Any way back to what I wanted to say was that you are far from a slacker You are a wonderful,caring & smart beyond smart Keep up the good work your lucky to be a stay at home mom I was home til my son was 3 1/2 then I worked 11pm-7am til he was 4 1/2 then he went to pre-school 3 days a week til kindergarten so I cleaned houses with a team til he was full time in school my friend watch him. I have to laugh He is 41 come June and my daughter will be 31 come March I wrote to praise you and I have been telling my life story LOL yes there was 10ys in between them not going to bore you with that have a wonderful time now hope to see more go tips as they get older

  6. Darlene says:

    Forgot to ask how did you do the glass or jar storm project? Thanks

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