Homeschool: Who, Me?

I’m just a little bit brain-dead at this moment.

I’ve been trying to post all day but I’ve been super distracted. 
Not, of course, by anything immediately productive.
But distracted nonetheless. So now I’m actually taking the time to post and I can’t remember one gosh darn thing that I meant to say.

So what’s been on my mind? One (or two, if you’re my spell checker) terrifying word:

For the last year, I’ve been pretty set on keeping Nicole out of the public school system. I have various reasons, but mostly I feel this is the best thing for my family. I would never consider homeschool though.
Well… maybe.

I had decided on a wonderful online public school, k12. Essentially public school but from based online and from workbooks, with a net-based teacher. I’m the “learning coach” without the pressure of being totally responsible for her education.

Lately I’ve been re-thinking that. Isn’t one of the benefits of homeschool is that you can teach your child from your point of view, so you can decide the pace they learn and how they learn it? 

I’ve been obsessively researching homeschool. It’s just preschool. I mean, if I totally screw her up, she’s still got Kindergarten, am I right? So really, there’s no pressure.

Except there is. Because I truly feel like homeschooling her is (possibly) the best option. I’m afraid I’ll fail. Nicole is bright and is very advanced with her language. It’s going to be me that would have a hard time homeschooling. I’m afraid I will fail and put her in public school, and don’t hate me, but I feel like she deserves better.

Here’s the thing:
I attempted a mini preschool this last year. 
I ADD’ed it.

Nicole absolutely loved it though, and still asks to “do school” on a daily basis. And she did learn a lot. And since I was breastfeeding I wasn’t on my ADHD medication, so it was a lot easier to ADD virtually everything. 
Including laundry. And housework. And cleaning of any sort

I’m thinking if I go to the effort of planning out a year’s worth of lessons in advance, I won’t get so overwhelmed by it. Right? Right? 

Either way, I know she’s got plenty of time before “real school” starts. This is one area where I don’t want to be a slacker mom. I want to be a good mom. I want to give my child the best. 

Isn’t that what every mom wants? Even if she is kind of a slacker in every other department?

And the real kicker is, the last two days while researching every possible preschool curriculum for homeschool, I totally neglected everything.


Can I homeschool and keep my neck above water, and my house above DCFS quality of living standards?

I just don’t know. But I really want to try.

In case you’re interested, here’s a list of preschool curricula I’m contemplating. I’m also heavily contemplating a make-my-own type situation, commonly known as
“flying by the seat of my pants education.” 
(Ok, I made that up, but the truth remains.)

Ideally, I want to combine either the Church Nursery Manual, “Behold Your Little Ones” or the Primary Manual “Primary I: I Am A Child of God” with any of these curricula. I just can’t figure out how; though I think it’s another benefit of homeschooling: teaching religion as your child grows.

(I will probably add some of the K4 Curriculum from here, as Nicole knows 
most of her letters and letter sounds.)

I’m also loving
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4 Responses to Homeschool: Who, Me?

  1. symony says:

    I've been debating putting Remi in preschool. I can't decide!

  2. newbiemama says:

    The more I think about it, the more I'm loving the curriculum from You can buy it all ready to print for $10 (including lesson plans). Then you just print, and laminate if you desire. It's really simple. I used the Preparatory Curriculum from Brightly Beaming Resources this year with my 2 year old, and she did really well on it! She knows all her letters and numbers, and we're working on sounds now. :) Free is my favorite! But you have to have time to do it, too.

  3. {leah} says:

    As a mom of 4 boys and have been homeschooling for 3 years I know what you are feeling and the feelings are totally normal. We are programed to think that public school is going to be the best thing for our child because the “experts” know best.

    That feeling of guilt and “am-I-doing-the-best-for-my-kid” will come EVERY year. And every year you are going to have the same struggle that you are now. And when challenges come and new babies, and trials you are always going to go back to the thought of putting your child into school.

    I can say that through a new baby, and a move and other trials that we have had homeschooling has still been the best thing for my boys. I love knowing that they are safe, and that they can grow on their own time. That we can go really fast in some areas, and slow way down in others. I love knowing that when dad is home we can play {no homework} and that when dad has a break {he is in grad school} that we can break too, and spend our time with him. I also like it when the boys are playing nice with each other and learning to hash out their own problems that I don’t have to pull them from that because we are going to be late for school. I like my family, and my kids.

    there are days when everyone is sent to their own corner…. and there are days when there are tears by everyone {even me} but I love that we are growing together as a family.

    It was the best decision that we made for our family.

    • This comment couldn’t have been better timed. I was just beating myself up tonight thinking, “But what about that I’m not FUN?? She would have so much more fun with kids her own age!” I struggle on a daily basis and don’t do preschool as consistently as she needs. I use the excuse that it’s just preschool. ;) So thank you for reminding me that whether or not I’M perfect, homeschool can still work!!

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