I Have Much to Tell You.

…but I still can’t find my camera charger! I’m hoping that as I pack to move, it will surface. With my luck, it will surface once I’m unpacking in the new house.

Speaking of a new house! Actually – I’m totally superstitious so I’m just gonna keep those details to myself. In less you know me in real life, in which case, I’ll probably tell you far more than you are interested in knowing. I don’t want to jinx anything here on the blog!

No pictures to show. I should pack a box or something.

Hopefully soon (really!) I will tell you all about our curriculum for the year and how our year is going. It’s already off to a better start than last year, though I’m not sure how throwing a potential move into the mix will affect things.

In other not so surprising news…

My kitchen is a mess. The kids are driving each other crazy. The kids are driving me crazy. And I just this second realized I should have put in that darn frozen lasagna an hour ago.

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