Mission Organization {Accomplished!}

Clean Homeschool Room

I am not proud about what I am about to show you.
{In fact, I’m really, really embarrassed, but I’m trying to get over it.}
This post is on how to clean a homeschool room. I told you I would, so I did. But first, I need to show you…
the before.


If you have a delicate constitution, look away.
I’m warning you.
This is the byproduct of Mommy spending too much time on the computer while someone else watches the kids.
I should really fire that person.
Because clearly, they suck at watching the kids.
Okay. Here it goes. I’m posting this. For real.

Sorry about the bad cell phone shot. But really, do you want a close up of that? I think not.
If you want a flashback to the before-the-before picture, click here to see what the school room should look like. But doesn’t. Ever.

There were a couple of things that needed to be changed. First, I made a newbie homeschooler mistake of buying
pretty much everything.
Granted, I bought those things at DI/thrift stores or a school surplus sale, but “cheap” doesn’t mean “good deal” if I don’t really need it. Also, I ended up buying a lot of stuff that I {might} need down the road. In a small house, I don’t have room to store things for first grade when she’s still in PreK.

Next, the huge table had to go. Summer is long since over and I’ve got one tiny little person at that big table. I procrastinated moving it because it about killed me getting it down there, but guess what? Drills are great things. They take legs off of murderous table legs. But the table was a clutter magnet and it was way too big for the room.

The next change that needed to be made was, for lack of a better word, accessibility. Everything was way too accessible to Nicole and worse, to Abigail! Abigail loved to pull off all the construction paper. And proceed to spread it throughout the entire house. Fun. For her, not me.

So I buckled down, and got busy. I tried to focus on one area at a time so I wouldn’t get overwhelmed. I started about 10:30 in the morning. With a thirty minute lunch break and about an hour for the school pick up, I worked until five p.m. Here’s the result:

2. This shelf is currently empty for Abigail. I want to stick little things on there that it’s okay for her to play with. I’ve gathered some ideas for this shelf on a Pinterest board, if you’re interested. I’m hoping that keeping her focus downward will give me a few extra minutes on the computer before she starts ripping things off the shelves. This is the “if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em mentality” that is often crucial with toddlers. She’s going to rip stuff off shelves and she is going to get her hands into everything she can reach. So make sure the stuff that she can reach is stuff that I don’t mind if she rips off the shelves.  

3. You can’t see it because I was far too lazy to get the good camera
{all the way upstairs, people}
but there is a big smiley drawn on my wall. Permanent marker. Oh yeah. One of many.

4. I placed all the games that came in nice boxes–but the boxes are no longer quite so nice–into one bin. The girls love to get all the teeny tiny pieces out and play with them. I’m hoping that the games being less accessible will make this less of a problem. We’ll see.

And the next photo:

1. Jordan’s room. Now you know. :)

2. Old school laminator I got for free from a guy I met at the school surplus sale. It doesn’t have any safety features (it will burn you, and probably burn your house down too if you let it), and it’s extremely finicky. I’m not even sure if it works anymore so I put it out of rotation for now. I cleared this shelf of books that we don’t really need as well as chapter books the kids aren’t really into right now. I’ll save those for later. Above the laminator is a basket of easy/early reader books. I read somewhere that if books are in a basket facing towards you so you can flip through them, they are far easier for children to get in and out. I like the idea of kids putting books back but we’ll see how this works in reality.

3. Craft supplies, reorganized. They have plenty of room with the homeschool books for first grade and beyond now in storage. Yay for space!

4. Nakey baby. Cuz that’s how we roll.

5. (Hard to see, it’s on the yellow shelf.) This is how I store my Walk Beside Me Preschool Curriculum. I need to do a post on that, I think. Basically I have the entire A-Z set up in file folders, ready to go. Of course, O-Z are pretty empty, but they do have some letter of the week books, pasting activities, etc. This way I don’t have any preparations at all to start homeschool. That’s a necessity for me.

So that’s my project. One item off my “kick my butt into gear and start homeschooling the poor kid” list.

And no kidding, guess what is the most popular room in the house now? The kids couldn’t get enough of all that space!

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2 Responses to Mission Organization {Accomplished!}

  1. Savannah says:

    HAHAHA this post totally kicked my slacker butt into gear! I finally put of the slackering and got to work on my kitchen and front room. So from one slacker mom to the next thanks for the motivation!!

    • Wow, and my mom organized her library. I have officially motivated 2 people in this world to CLEAN. I never expected myself to say that. {Unless it was like, “Gosh, I never want my house to look like hers!”}

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