21 Ways to Teach Your Child the Book of Mormon

21 Ways to Teach Your Child the Book of Mormon

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I recently received the following question:

I stumbled across your blog by accident when looking for some ideas on fun ways to teach my kids.  I am not a scholar in any way, just a dad who is very interested in raising good kids who know how to learn while they are young from the scriptures.  My wife is a blogger and recommended your site.  So here is what I would like help with.  Do you have, or have you found, any resources outlining who is talking and to whom they are talking to for the scriptures.

Isn’t that a great question? Terribly flattering too (thanks, wife-blogger, for sending your hubby my way!), but unfortunately, I didn’t have a good answer. I would love to see a list like he requested, that goes over  the scriptures and explains the ‘dialogue’ in them. If you have one, please send it my way!

In the meantime, I wanted to create a resource list for families like his: people interested in teaching their children from the Book of Mormon in a fun and exciting way.

Book of Mormon Page Titles - this is something I compiled via another blog, the Red Headed Hostess. These are scripture titles for every single page of the BoM. It makes it easy to stay on track and know what you’re reading, as well as helping you find specific stories faster.

The Red Headed Hostess - she has been a seminary teacher for the past 10 years. She is phenomenal at making the scriptures understood (and interesting!) to even teenagers. She has everything from scripture marking guides to a scripture journal for purchase, to Book of Mormon people you can print and color to recreate the stories.
Book of Mormon Study Guide - this mom created a study guide for her 11 year old son to help him understand the scriptures as he read.
Book of Mormon Discovery - this is a curriculum designed to take your family through the Book of Mormon Stories readers for younger children, and the Book of Mormon itself for older children. You read the story in the reader, and follow up with fun worksheets and activities.
Book of Mormon for LDS kids
Timelines, Etc. Book of Mormon - this is a 36 week history packet of the Book of Mormon, following a timeline.
Scriptures for Kids - A fun website with the scriptures broken down by reading levels and awesome illustrations. Your child can read alone or have them read aloud. Also has fun games, downloads, and Family Home Evening activities.
Book of Mormon Reading Calendar – help your family read the Book of Mormon in small daily chunks, to finish within a year!
LDS Scriptures for Kids! - only $3, this family has created a Kindle ebook of 25 important events in the Book of Mormon. With simple text and kid-drawn illustrations, even the youngest child will enjoy this book.
LDS Scriptures for Kids
Scripture Study for Latter-Day Families: The Book of Mormon - this is a great book that takes your family through the Book of Mormon, chunk by chunk, and provides learning activities and questions along the way.
The following resources are for personal adult (or older children) scripture study. I find them very useful for understanding the Book of Mormon myself, so when my kids ask questions, I don’t stumble over the answers… because I don’t really know. :)
Scripture Study for Latter-Day Saint Families: The Book of Mormon
Book of Mormon Picture Pages – Over 14 years, this mom wrote 2,241 short narrations of The Book of Mormon for her children to illustrate. Print these pages out and have your children color as you read to them!
Lehi sees a pillar of fire (1 Nephi 1:5-6)
Jr Book of Mormon and Book of Mormon Stories for Little Children – easy to understand text with great illustrations!
The following resources are resources appropriate for adults or older children.
The Book of Mormon Made Easier, Pt. 1: This is my favorite resource on this list. After previewing the options at Deseret Book, this is the book that I felt helped me understand the best. My recommendation is to go to Deseret Book and find one for you. I liked this book because, like others, it broke the BoM down by verse or section, and explained it with doctrine, quotes, or other scriptures.
The Book of Mormon Made Easier: Part 1 ( New Cover) (Gospel Studies Series)
Verse By Verse: The Book of Mormon, vol. 1 - this is part one of two that explains the BoM a few verses at a time. I like the simplicity of this one.
Verse by Verse: The Book of Mormon: Volume One: 1 Nephi Through Alma 29
Other fun resources:
Book of Mormon Little Books (teach your child to read using these BOB Book-type readers!)
Book of Mormon Scripture Cards (print your own “Go Fish” game with these!)
The Walk Beside Me Store now includes an “LDS Products” section for even more great resources!


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8 Responses to 21 Ways to Teach Your Child the Book of Mormon

  1. Lauren says:

    THANK YOU! So very inspiring.

  2. Sean says:

    Real cool! I think the real problem though, is getting teens interested. Heaven knows that when I was a teen I had trouble picking up my Book of Mormon. I knew it was special and would bless my life, but it bored me. Thank goodness I eventually learned to appreciate it. It really just makes me feel so refreshed whenever I read it. I’m not a parent yet, but how would you go about getting teens into it?

  3. Brandon Lott says:

    I think this is great. It is so important to teach our children how to love
    The Book of Mormon at a young age. Thank you for sharing. If anyone would like a free copy of the Book of Mormon Check out
    this link.
    Thank you

  4. Leisel says:

    Thank you for posting! I discovered that the woman who did the picture pages for her family also sells leveled “little reader” books about Lehi’s family for beginning readers – awesome! Thanks again!

  5. Claudia says:

    I really love this but I’m having a problem with one of the links. I can’t open Book of Mormon Study Guide again. I was able to open it when I re-pinned it on Pinterest but can’t open it again. Is there any way you could send me this by email? I work with the young women and know that some one the would love to have this study guide!! Thank you for your awesome blog!!

    • Claudia, I was able to click through with the link provided. Unfortunately, it’s a website, not a single file, and even MORE unfortunate, it’s not my website. I can’t send you the Study Guide, but please do try the link again. Perhaps the site was down when you tried? Good luck and thank you!

  6. [...] learn about the Book of Mormon, another one that I wasn’t able to find too much about, which is odd because usually I’m tripping over ideas as I’m looking for ideas on lessons for my Sunday School class [...]

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