24 Days of Mormon Christmas – Day 24

Welcome to 24 Days of Mormon Christmas! I started this program as a simple way to bring Christ as a focus into our lives throughout December. I truly believe as we make time for the Savior, we will be blessed in our families. Each day I will feature a song, a scripture, and an activity or video to do together as a family.

To learn more about 24 Days of Mormon Christmas, including how to purchase the entire series as a PDF download, please click here!

For Christmas Eve, I have provided you with a Nativity program to use.  This of course will touch on many of the things we have learned about the past twenty-three days as we wrap it up in my personal favorite day of the year, Christmas Eve.

Click here to download the Christmas Eve Nativity Program.

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One Response to 24 Days of Mormon Christmas – Day 24

  1. Michelle says:

    thank you so very much for your work and talent. we used your 24 days of Christmas and it was fantastic for us. You are such a blessing.

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