24 Days of Mormon Christmas – Day 2

24 Days of Mormon Christmas

Edit: This is the 2011 version of 24 Days of Mormon Christmas. Some links may not work correctly. For the current version, please click here.

Welcome to the second day in my series, 24 Days of Mormon Christmas. Of course, if you’re not Mormon, you’ll probably have fun with this idea too, so tweak to your liking! Each day I will feature a song, a scripture, and an activity or video to do together as a family. I see this as a perfect “goodnight” routine throughout December. As we approach Christmas, it’s easy to get carried away in the decorations, the baking, the shopping, the wrapping, the partying, and the all around busyness of the Christmas season. This is my little way of putting Christ back into Christmas–not just on the day, but the whole month long.


Song: Oh, Come, All Ye Faithful (#202) 

Scripture: Malachi 3:1

Activity: Print and color “Wise Men Still Seek Him” coloring page

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2 Responses to 24 Days of Mormon Christmas – Day 2

  1. Michelle H says:

    Thanks so much for putting this great activity together. I’d been looking for something to get my son’s head out of the toy store clouds and this is exactly what I was hoping for.

    I’m writing about it and linking back on my blog today.

  2. Thank you for the link! I definitely wanted my kid to concentrate more about the MEANING of Christmas. Presents get such a huge focus. I love to give them, but I want them to know there’s more to it then a jolly man who sneaks into our house and brings toys that they see at Walmart that were somehow made by Elves in a workshop. {That’s not confusing at all.}

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