72 Hour Kit

Before the disaster in Japan, I felt the need to start getting our food storage going. I started thinking about 72 hour kits as well.

After the disaster in Japan, I really felt the need to be better prepared. (Who didn’t?) If nothing else, I knew my children would feel better if we were prepared. So Gary went to the marvelously ghetto NPS (the local outlet-type store for all things nearly expired or somewhat damaged) and picked up these beauties…

I think they were about $4 each! And fun fact, I googled “US Spirit National Championship” and discovered that these bags were destined to be part of the prize pack for the National Champion of the US Spirit Cheer and Dance competition.

Which means, in case of disaster, I’ll be the one feeling like a total winner!

I’ve looked at a few 72 hour kit lists. They are long. In fact, they are a little overwhelming. Even with bags it seems unrealistic to think we’ll be running out of our house carrying 18 gallons of water, minimally, plus all the other crap that we need to “survive.” (You know, like toilet paper and stuff!) I suppose it’s all essential though, right?

Okay, we got these bags a few weeks ago. Thus far, they have:
1 morning meal
1 afternoon meal
1 pack of toilet paper
and a few other things I can’t remember.

We are so going to die.

Clearly, I need to get on this!
I’ve been picking up a few first aid things at the dollar store and the like. If I were rich I’d just buy one of those fabulous 72 hour pre-made kits. I’m not though, so we’ll do the slow and steady route. Here’s a 72 Hour Kit list, in case you are also going to die like us because you haven’t done anything!

from lds.about.com

I’ve decided to set aside $25 a week for food storage and emergency essentials. It’s a small amount, but within our budget (if I’m very careful with the rest of the grocery budget). Today I picked up 4 cases of water for $10 from Smith’s, as well as a case of diced tomatoes for $13. Since I bought a case of tomatoes, I got them for $.50 each, and won’t have to resort to buying them later when they’re not on sale. (Canned tomatoes are probably the number one canned item I use.) This will save us money over the course of the next several months! I think this is a manageable way to build up our food storage while living within our means.

It’s a start, right?
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3 Responses to 72 Hour Kit

  1. Megan and Jon says:

    Three Cheers for 72 hour kits. I heard at a red cross training once that a huge percent of the time like 70ish, you aren't at home during a disaster so we keep our in the trunk of our car. I like Saratoga trading company since they have freeze dried food for our food storage it lasts thirty years and you just add water. Since honestly I don't know what I would do with a can of wheat anyways. Yeah for starting. Did you put clothes in your packs. We do and just change sizes each conference. Good thing because I would have had to had dehydrated myself for several days to fit into the pants I had in my pant. HA. :) (SORRY LONG COMMENT)

    • Joao says:

      You don’t have to be a great swimmer. You sohuld at least be able to float in the water while wearing a life jacket without panicking. If you’re going with a reputable guide, they’ll make sure to keep you away from areas that are too rough (even if it means having to cancel the trip). So capsizing won’t be too likely, and the guide sohuld be able to deal with it if it does happen.As for sharks, don’t worry about them. They’re generally not interested in humans. They’re especially not interested in humans in big kayaks.

  2. newbiemama says:

    Megan, you are too funny! Like I said, starting. I have a hard time putting perfectly good clothes into a kit that we (probably) won't use… guess I need to head to DI?

    I'm pretty much always home so I figure I'm good with it in my house for now. However, my husband definitely needs one at work–he's gone far more than 70% of the time I'm thinking!

    I've also heard to put a "to go" kit under your bed–anything you would need to run out of your house immediately (for instance, in case your fire alarm is going off). I'll look into Saratoga trading company.

    I KNOW what you mean about the wheat!

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