Announcing: 24 Days of Mormon Christmas

24 Days of Mormon Christmas

You know how you get really great ideas and you have to accomplish them

Well the other day I had this idea for mini Family Home Evening lessons throughout the month of December. Rather than doing weekly lessons (ha! that happens!), I wanted to start doing nightly devotionals. A little scripture, a little thought or activity, a song, and head to bed, Fred!
{Bedtime… the best time of the day!}

Me being who I am, I sat down and immediately started working out the devotionals. I got bored making them around day ten, but I kept plugging onward–be proud. After all, if I didn’t finish it right that second, it was going to get finished. Not only did I actually finish them all, but I’ve even pre-scheduled them to post. So every morning when you wake up, a new devotional will be ready on the blog.
{Actually, they’ll post about 8:00 mountain time… certainly you don’t wake up before that, do you?}
This way you’ll have the day to think about the scripture and activity. For the most part, you’ll be able to gather around a laptop (or a tablet!) and do them with very little forethought. Some of them will have pages to print and color, or a slightly more involved activity. And I mean slightly. I didn’t want this to be hard! Because let’s be honest, how many of us are going to look at it when it’s ten minutes past bedtime and the kids are gathered around, ready to start? *Raising hands*

Oh, and fellow Pinners? Get your pin on, okay?

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5 Responses to Announcing: 24 Days of Mormon Christmas

  1. Deann says:

    Pinned! And thank you! I’ve been wanting to start daily devotionals (besides just scriptures and prayer), this will be the perfect reason to start.

  2. Jamie M. says:

    Can’t wait, thanks so much!!

  3. Shanan Wasden says:

    This is such a cute idea!! how do i download it or use it some how?

    • Every morning there will be a post with that day’s devotional. Most of it is click and read/print/link (for instance, there are a couple of Christmas movies from that you would just click on. It’s pretty simple! Great question, thanks!!

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