{Archived} General Conference on the Go

General Conference on the Go
Note: This is an archived post from April 2011. This year I will be sitting in my home, not having any fun at all, during General Conference weekend. 

This General Conference weekend, we’re headed down to my in-law’s second home in St. George. Sunshine, warmth, swimming, hot tub… oh yes. Good plan.
On Sunday, we will be waking up relatively early to head back home. Jordan + Rebecca need to visit with their mom in the evening so we’ll be driving on a deadline. I think our plan is to stream conference over The Mormon Channel or something like that on Gary’s phone, since real radio service will be pretty hit and miss on the drive.  

I need something to keep the kids kindasorta entertained on the drive and practically quiet so that we can actually hear conference. (I’m pretty sure listening to Conference if you can’t hear it doesn’t earn you very many Heaven Points. Or is it the thought that counts in this situation??)

Here are my ideas: 

I’m printed off 4 (one for each child) General Conference Packets from Sugardoodle. Can I just say I love this website? It has been a lifesaver for virtually every church calling I’ve had. I was even able to get age appropriate packets for each child. Here, I’ll link you up:

(this is supposed to be a sticker packet, but I decided if one kid had stickers and the others didn’t it would be too much of a pain)
Then I bought very cheap clipboards ($.79 from NPS) and clipped each packet to it, along with a pen. I will also bring crayons so they can color. The nursery and junior packets have cut and paste type activities in the second half but I’ll be using those on Saturday. These packets would also be really fun even if you aren’t leaving your house for conference!

I also bought a ton of brand name cereal at NPS for a dollar a bag (because it was missing the all-important box). I put those in individual baggies for each kid. During each different speaker they get to pull out a different snack bag. 
Parenthood: it’s all about the Art of Distraction.
This might be a fun thing to do at home. It’s simple, but it feels special. Other bags could have simple dollar store toys, treats, or marshmallows. I got the idea for General Conference baggies here.

During the two hour break of conference, I made little “brown bag” lunches. They will have juice boxes, an apple, a fruit snack, and either a Lunchable or a sandwich. I figure lunch is always more fun (and therefore quieter) if you get your own lunch bag! Another fun thing you could do at home if you don’t have any specific lunch plans on Sunday.

A tradition for our family is listening to a book on CD or ipod. During the break I’m hoping to listen to more of whichever book earns the family vote. Oh, and I forgot to mention: another conference tradition we’ll be doing on Saturday is Conference Bingo. Who could resist that lovely game? We played it even as teenagers and fact; even if I had no kids now, I’d still play it! Here’s a link to 12 different LDS conference bingo cards; you’ll want to print out a few of each. No one wants to win bingo the same time as everyone else! It’s fun to color these during conference, then laminate them to save for years to come.

I hope everyone enjoys Conference. I hope everyone gets to hear Conference over the various fights your children will have in front of the TV. And if not, I really hope that we get Heaven Points for trying!
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