Armor Your Children


Lately, as my children head out the door to their respective modes of transporation (we have a walker, and a middle school bus-rider) on the way to school, I’ve been feeling… unprepared. As in, I haven’t prepared them. Yes, they are smart, and they are generally good children, but I haven’t prepared them spiritually in those few precious morning minutes we have.

I’ve been meaning to Google “how to build your kids’ testimonies at breakfast,” but I just haven’t gotten around to it.

Fortunately for me, my wonderful friend Nicole, from MOMentity, went and got all inspired for me and then left a note on Facebook for me. I didn’t even have to Google it.

(Click the logo to go to MOMentity and download the series!)

Four weeks, five days a week: a simple scripture to read on a school-child applicable theme. They are both LDS and Christian friendly. They take just a minute of your time.

A minute of time, for the peace of mind knowing your children are going out the door on the right foot, knowing they have started their day with the word of the Lord in their heart.

In fact, you have now started your day with the word of the Lord. You have shown your children that to you, He matters. Even during a simple school day, He comes first. If you’ve taught your children that much… then you’ve reached your greatest success as a mother.

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2 Responses to Armor Your Children

  1. Jedda says:

    I too feel strongly about how important those few moments are in the morning. I’ve shared some {little} ideas for what has worked for us over the years here:
    It’s amazing what a few small minutes can do to build up our kids.

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