FAQ – 24 Days of Mormon Christmas

24 Days of Mormon Christmas

Here are some of my most popular questions about 24 Days of Mormon Christmas!

I found this past December 1, is it too late for me to use for my family? Answer: Nope, not at all! I’m a firm believer in doing what works for you and your family. That means use it from the 7th to the 24th, use it every other day, use it on Mondays, use it once and save it for next year. Whatever works for your family and your schedule!

When will I get my files? Answer: Instantly! The files will be sent instantly to your PayPal email address. If it’s not there, check your spam folders. The files will be sent only if the payment has cleared. For checks and paypal accounts, this is instant, but for e-checks, this can take a day or two.

Do I need a PayPal account? Answer: No, a credit card works, I just use PayPal to protect your privacy.
I went to open my file and it didn’t save it. Now it’s telling me my download expired? Answer: You get three “clicks” to download the file. This works great for downloading on diferrent devices. I suggest saving the file very first!

Can you just reset my download limit? Answer: Yes and no. Yes, I can, and I will. But it will be on my schedule when I have some time between my own busy holiday season and needs of my family. Did I mention saving it first? :)

Is this different than last year? Answer: The links have been updated but the content is the same. This is meant to be a yearly tradition, and doesn’t need to be purchased from year to year. 

How to I put the file on my iPad? or my Kindle? Or my _______ device? Answer: I’m not a tech guru but I will answer emails as I can. Your best bet is to google “how to put pdf file on _______ (device).” There is a simple solution to virtually every device out there! 

Can I email the gift license to everyone I know? Answer: How popular are you? :) You have the license to send up to one hundred times. After that, it’s copyright infringement. More importantly, this license is limited to one hundred total, if you send to 100 friends you will need to repurchase the gift edition!

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3 Responses to FAQ – 24 Days of Mormon Christmas

  1. MaryRuth says:

    This is my second year using 24 days of Mormon Christmas and I love i!! I was panicking because I couldn’t find it in my emails anywhere and my computer from last year crashed… but I found it! YAY!!

    Thanks so much… its a great addition to our Christmas season!

  2. Audrey Davis says:

    It is the end of 2014 & I’ve just seen “The 24 Days of Mormon Christmas” on Pinterest. Is it still available so I can use it for Christmas 2015. If so, how do I go about getting it? I have a PayPal account & would love to order the program for myself & others.

    Thank you!

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