FHE Made Easy: April Week 1 {Easter}

If you are looking for an Easter themed Family Home Evening lesson, then look no further. This week’s FHE Made Easy lesson is all about the resurrection! A sweet, simple, and spiritual lesson that’s sure to put your family in the mood for the real meaning of Easter.

{Beyond candy and scary egg-bearing bunnies.}

Here’s the download for this week:

Week 1: Easter Lesson

If you want some Easter-themed printables, don’t forget to check out the Walk Beside Me LDS Preschool packet, R is for Resurrection!

As always, you can download the entire year of FHE Made Easy for only $10. Print it off and store it in a planner or download it onto your tablet for ready-made family home evening nights!

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3 Responses to FHE Made Easy: April Week 1 {Easter}

  1. you spelled “sins” as “signs” in your download. :)

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