FHE Made Easy: August Week 1

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One thing I love about these FHE Made Easy lessons is that they are truly so simple with little to no prep beforehand. This family home evening lesson, on Nephi and the Priesthood, involves reading a couple of short stories and watching a movie. (Linked for your tablet or iPad of course!) It even includes a bonus: if you have a son entering the Deacons Quorum, or a family member who has recently received the Priesthood, there is an optional video that will help prepare your young man!

August Week 1: Nephi Receives Great Power

FHE Made Easy lessons are super quick, super easy family home evening lessons. With almost no prep, and tablet friendly, you’ll be prepared for a year of lessons instantly! You can buy the entire year for only $10, or just come back each week to grab the newest lesson posted each Monday morning. I hope FHE Made Easy blesses your family as you keep the commandment of holding family home evenings!

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