FHE Made Easy: August Week 2

Note: This FHE Made Easy lesson requites a little prep work beforehand. Don’t worry, it’s all do-able! You’ll need to print off some flannel board figures, as well as a maze for each child. The flannel board figures from Chocolate On My Cranium are great. I personally like to print on cardstock (if available), then laminate (if possible), and put a piece of magnet tape on the back. Then I use a Dollar Store cookie sheet as my “flannel board,” and I can store the pieces in a Ziploc bag for using later! In this lesson, I also link you to a non-slacker-mom activity: making a Rice Krispy Treat Wall like Samuel the Lamanite stood upon!

August Week 2: Samuel the Lamanite

FHE Made Easy is a simple and quick way to get family home evening done! Simply open up your tablet and iPad and begin. You can also print the lessons out and store them in a binder. I offer a lesson each Monday morning for free, or you can grab the entire year for only $10. This way you’ll have everything ready by Monday night. You can start at the beginning, or just pick up where we are. The lessons are made to coordinate with your child’s senior Primary lessons on the Book of Mormon. This serves as great reinforcement of what your child is learning in Primary!

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