FHE Made Easy: August Week 3

FHE Made Easy

I just love family home evening nights that lead to discussion! Today’s FHE Made Easy lesson is a great one for that. First, start by discussing the birth of the Savior. Then you can take a few minutes to compare the Savior’s birth with His Second Coming. One full of humility, and the next will be filled with power and glory! All you will need for this lesson is the ability to watch the online video (a tablet or iPad works great!), and possibly a map of the world. 

August Week 3: Signs in America of Christ’s Birth

Each Monday I post a new FHE Made Easy lesson that coordinates with the Book of Mormon lesson manual from Primary. Reinforce what your children are learning in Primary by discussing it again in Family Home Evening. You can come back each week (like us on Facebook for reminders!) for a free lesson, or grab the entire year for just $10. If you have the entire year you’ll always be ready; and you can print the lessons to have on hand. Talk about being prepared!

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