FHE Made Easy Chart {Free Printable!}

Family Home Evening Chart Download

I know you’re crafty and artistic.
But I also know that if you’re anything like me, you don’t have time to be crafty or artistic.
If it weren’t for Pinterest, you’d have forgotten what it’s like to be crafty and artistic. You pin and hope for a time in the mystic future when you will once again, be crafty and artistic.

In the meantime, you have kids. Maybe you have a bunch of kids, or maybe you’re juggling kids and a job. Your days revolve around nap schedules and dinnertime and homework and tantrums and extra curricular activities and church callings and helping at the school and playgroups and cuddling with those little children.
It’s a lot of work, being a Mom. I know.
You’re trying to be a good mommy and you’re trying to do Family Home Evening with your family, but seriously. You can only do so much.

Wait. Where is this all going, other than a rant about my life??

Oh yes. So while you can craft your little heart out on those cutesy Family Home Evening boards, you might be like me… you might be just too darn stinking tired to even care.
{I judge you not.}

To make your life easier, I made you a chart. It’s cute, don’t worry. It involves no additional crafting, unless you choose to do so. You can slip it in a binder to use with your FHE Made Easy printouts and use a dry erase marker on the binder. Or, you can print one out for each week. Or you could frame it and use a dry erase marker on the glass, if that’s the way you roll. I’m all about the binder method. {More on that soon!}

Okay, I have officially relieved you of your crafty duties. With the time saved, go take a nap.

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4 Responses to FHE Made Easy Chart {Free Printable!}

  1. Brianne Jenkins says:

    It is the latset thinking I like

  2. […] Family Home Evening Chart – a Family Home Evening printable to stick in your FHE Made Easy binder. I use this in a […]

  3. Marie says:

    Ok, this is PERFECT! I’ve seriously been putting off actually having FHE until I made time to make a cute assignment board. It’s been, well, we won’t say how long! This is exactly what I needed so THANK YOU! I laminated it and use dry erase markers. Works perfectly. :)

  4. Julie Miller says:

    I would like to use the free printable for FHE charts. Please & Thank you~

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