FHE Made Easy – Feb Week 1

FHE Made Easy

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How are your FHE’s going? I truly hope you’re having as much fun as we are! Some days it can be such a challenge to get dinner on the table (seriously, I get it), let alone a whole “family night” done. This has seriously eased the stress. My kids are loving the chance to be the one who is the “teacher,” and I love that it’s all easily available from one page for us.

Week 1: Nephi Builds a Ship

If you’re the kind of mom (or dad!) who likes to download everything at once, and not think about it again, then¬†grab the entire year’s worth of lessons for only ten bucks. I know, I know, I’m so nice. I get that all the time. No, really! I do! This way you can have it with you at all times (no internet connection required) and be ready for FHE at the drop of a hat. Which makes you like, a superstar.

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One Response to FHE Made Easy – Feb Week 1

  1. Melanie Jade says:

    I purchased the whole year a few weeks ago, but I am having some issues with the sugardoodle links for Feb. weeks 2 & 3. Can you send me the links somehow, because I just can’t seem to find what you’re referring to, thanks! This is so handy:)

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