FHE Made Easy: July Week 3

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Who doesn’t love a story about the good guys winning, especially when they win because they were righteous because their moms told them to be? Your kids are going to love this lesson: a movie (linked so you can open it on your tablet or iPad, of course!) and a game. Just print out the game board before the lesson, and gather up some game pieces. ‘Borrow’ them from another game, or do as we do and round up miscellaneous pennies/paper clips/pieces of paper and call them game markers!

Week 3: Helaman and the Two Thousand Warriors

As I mentioned, all the FHE Made Easy lessons are linked for easy access to an iPad or tablet device. You can buy the entire year of lessons for only $10, so you can keep telling your kids to be righteous. (That is what you’re screaming at your kids when they fight, right? “Why won’t you just be more righteous like the Stripling Warriors?!”)

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