FHE Made Easy: July Week 4

This lesson, it is helpful to remind younger children (and perhaps yourself), is not about the first Nephi and Lehi we read about in the Book of Mormon. This Nephi and Lehi is many generations later, but the original Nephi and Lehi were so loved that people continued to name their children after them! This lesson talks about one of my personal favorite scriptures, and the first scripture I always highlight when I get a new set of scriptures.

Week 4: Nephi and Lehi in Prison

If you have a tablet or iPad, these lessons open up easily with a PDF reader. You can teach the lesson, movie included, right from your living room couch. You can buy the entire year of lessons for only $10 and teach them without ever leaving the couch. :D These lessons, whether on your tablet or organized in a binder, are quick and simple. They are designed for the family who is frazzled and might not otherwise have time for the prophets wise counsel of holding family home evening each week.

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