FHE Made Easy: June Week 2

The lesson this week is on faith. There’s chocolate involved. Need I say more? Of course if you forgot to look at the lesson until 5 minutes before you’re starting and you are fresh out of chocolate… just skip that part and no one will be the wiser.

Week 2: Alma Teaches About Faith

These lessons, as always, are in PDF format so they are tablet and iPad friendly too! Just download and start your lesson. I like to print mine and keep it in a binder, so I’m ready to go. Then I cue hubby when to start the movie or open up any links on his tablet. If you want the whole year of family home evening lessons, you can buy them for just $10!

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2 Responses to FHE Made Easy: June Week 2

  1. Andrea says:

    Um…five minutes beforehand is the only time I ever look at the lesson. :D Since you mentioned chocolate, though, I might be motivated to actually prepare!

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