FHE Made Easy: June Week 3

This lesson starts by reading from the Book of Mormon Stories. You’ll only be reading half of the story though, so keep that in mind as you start. You will also have the opportunity to bear your testimony. Children need to hear their parents’ testimony often and in the day to day hustle and bustle of life… when was the last time you told your children about your knowledge of the Gospel? Share it. It’s important. I promise.

Week 3: Alma Counsels His Sons Helaman and Shiblon

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  1. […] start by watching a movie from the Book of Mormon Stories. The first part will be a review from last week’s lesson, but since you (probably remembered to) stopped before reading about Alma and Corianton, it should […]

    • Chandan says:

      In 1964, one of my college claasmstes, George Greanias, wrote a musical comedy version of the Bard’s great play Hamlet. He titled it “Hello Hamlet,” after “Hello Dolly,” and for more than four decades, it has been performed every few years by his residential college. That’s a story in itself, but I was reminded of the prologue that Greanias added to Hello Hamlet, in which he dispels rumors of comedy and warns the audience that “what you are about to see tonight [makes a face] is a real tragedy! And so it is with McGonagall’s address.

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