FHE Made Easy: March Week 1

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Whether or not you choose to purchase the entire year of easy Family Home Evening lessons, or just download the weekly freebies as they come out, you are probably going to want a place to store all these lessons. Maybe you’ll print them off as you need them, or maybe you’ll want to save them for future use. Maybe, like me, you’ll want to use them to supplement your Primary class lessons. I love the idea of printing off the whole year of lessons and sticking them in sheet protectors. You can even print off any handouts or activities you need as well. This way you are ready to go, 52 weeks of the year.

You can also download them onto your phone or tablet. The songs, scriptures, stories, etc., are all clickable links. Just pull up the lesson, and click on the song “We Thank Thee O God For a Prophet,” and bang! You can either sing it to piano¬†accompaniment¬†(no piano required), or sing along with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir and feel awesome. Just don’t forget to check the lessons before Family Home Evening starts. The needed items and prep lists are always super small, but FHE goes so much more smoothly when you are prepared. This weeks free lesson is:

Week 1: King Benjamin Teaches His People

To fulfill your organizational destiny, you can also grab the entire year worth of lessons for a mere $10. And I betcha your last tube of mascara cost more than that!
{Psst–okay, my makeup is cheap, but I’m cheap. Don’t be like me.}

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4 Responses to FHE Made Easy: March Week 1

  1. Heidi Wilcox says:

    Is there supposed to be a link for the story “Prophets Teach and Warn?” I can’t seem to find it.

    Thanks for all the work you put into this! It makes this slacker Mom get FHE done:)

    • Sorry for the confusion, Heidi! When you click the link for the color by number activity, it comes up with a story called “The Prophets Teach and Warn” followed by the color by number. I need to update that asap!

  2. Andrea says:

    I don’t remember whether I’ve left a comment about these FHE plans before, but if so, I’m leaving another one:

    I LOVE these! :D

    @Heidi, I couldn’t see the link either, so I just Googled “Prophets Teach and Warn” and found a Friend article with that title.

    • Andrea, thank you!!!
      Thanks for being on the ball and helping out Heidi. I’ve been seriously working on getting laundry done (uggh), so I’ve been trying to neglect things for a bit. The link for Teach and Warn is actually the same as the color by number activity. Clear as mud, right?!

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