FHE Made Easy: March Week 3

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I’m so excited for this lesson! This lesson includes flannel board figures to act out the story of Alma baptizing at the waters of Mormon. But you know what? Flannel boards are pretty outdated (and for some reason, hugely expensive). So here’s what I suggest: print the figures out on cardstock, and laminate them. Then pick up a roll of magnets (it looks like a big roll of masking tape) and stick them on the back. Add a cookie sheet (check the dollar store!), and you’ve got an instant magnetic flannel board story! I really like that cookie sheets are double sided. I keep my figures that are coming up in the story on the side closest to me, then move them to the front when they appear in the story. Does that make sense? This weeks lesson, as I mentioned, is:

Week 3: Alma Baptizes at the Waters of Mormon

If you’re the kind of Momma who likes to do all this beforehand, pick up the entire years worth of lessons for only $10. This way, you can create any magnetic story figures all in one go. And check out this blog if you’re a fan of the idea, because she has colored all of the church’s flannel board drawings. Print them, and stick magnet tape on them, and you’re done! And if you’re loving the idea of printing the year worth of lessons, here’s the link below!

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