FHE Made Easy: May Week 2

FHE Made Easy

Remember that awkward little moment last week when my hard drive disappeared, and I couldn’t post the lesson? It’s not like I have an external hard drive walking off, I have an internal hard drive that decides on a case by case basis whether or not it wants to show up for work that day. Yes, I know. This doesn’t seem right. And yes, I think it’s backed up.

But anyway! I’m going to post last week’s lesson and the lesson for today. First, here is the lesson that I didn’t post last week.

Week 1: Ammon, a Great Servant

If you choose to do this lesson, you will need a new copy of a Book of Mormon. If that doesn’t work out, you can always pick out a family to give a copy of the Book of Mormon to… later in the week. :)

Now here is today’s lesson!

Week 2: King Lamoni’s Father is Converted

Lest you not be interested in waiting to find out on a weekly basis as to whether or not my hard drive showed up that day, feel free to grab the entire year of Family Home Evening lessons for only $10! It’s one convenient download that you can print out and put in a binder, or keep on your tablet for the ultimate in slacker-style family home evenings. Don’t worry, none of these lessons require intense prep time or crafty skills. We keep it super simple because otherwise…
well otherwise, we just might not do family home evening at all!

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One Response to FHE Made Easy: May Week 2

  1. marisa says:

    hello. I am interested in you quick purchase and download option of your year for FHE lessons but I have a few questions. Is the year exactly like the weekly posted lessons? Since it’s been a few years many of the links have expired and if I’m printing the lessons I won’t be using the easy function of clicking on the links. I would want the links (whatever they happen to be in the specific lesson) to already be printed or available for my lesson binder. I hope these questions make sense. Thanks in advance for any help you can give! :)

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