FHE Made Easy: May Week 3

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You know that Book of Mormon story where all the people decided to bury their weapons to show God that they wouldn’t fight ever again?  It’s a really cool story, and it makes a great Family Home Evening lesson. It makes a great lesson if you’re dealing with contention in your own home. (Oh, my kids never fight. So this is for you. Ha. Ha ha.) This lesson is a simple video and a story, followed up with discussion time. Since the weather has been so great in my neck of the woods, you could even take the time to “bury” those weapons outside. What a great object lesson, one your kids are sure to remember!

Week 3: The Anti-Nephi-Lehies

If you’re new here, welcome to FHE Made Easy! I post a lesson each week on Mondays that follow the Book of Mormon lessons from Primary this year. I also offer the entire year of lessons for only $10. My lessons are simple and are in PDF format so you can even view them from your tablet or iPad!

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One Response to FHE Made Easy: May Week 3

  1. Gloria says:

    Hi I just came ovr from thre red headed hostess. I want to thank you for all the work you did compiling the page headings into one spot. I am finding it hard to find things on her blog and it was great having them in one spot. I Love all of her great ideas. I am 68 and just now getting excioted about studying the sciptures. Never too late right? Thanks again. If you compile any of the other things let me know, Gloria

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