FHE Made Easy: November Week 1

In this lesson, print off the flannel figures from Chocolate on my Cranium, and if desired (if you have energy), turn them into magnetic flannel board figures. My children love this activity! You can also print out the cute handout from Emma’s Place. You’ll find the links for the printables in the lesson below. This week, we’ll read from the scriptures as we discuss Moroni.

Tip: To glue a handout in scriptures, cut the handout to the correct size. Twist a glue stick up to be about 1/4″ above the rim of the glue stick, and slide the edge of the handout through the glue. Stick the glued edge of the handout into the crevice of the scripture page, and voila! A glued-in handout! 

Week 1: Moroni and His Writings

If you’re new here, welcome to FHE Made Easy! I post a lesson each week on Mondays that follow the Book of Mormon lessons from Primary this year. I also offer the entire year of lessons for only $10. The lessons are simple and are in PDF format so you can even view them from your tablet or iPad! One thing I love about having an entire year of lessons on hand is that I can print out any handouts and put them in a binder. This makes our Family Home Evening lesson truly open-and-go, which is a blessing!

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2 Responses to FHE Made Easy: November Week 1

  1. Abby says:

    Thank you!

  2. Chelsea says:

    Just discovered your wonderful website, LOVE IT! As I was going over your lesson plan i realized a little mistake that may be confusing, you give the scripture reference as being Moroni 8,9 when it’s supposed to be Mormon 8, 9. At least that’s what the reference was when you go to chocolate on my cranium. Thanks for all your hard work!

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